Processes within nature are intrinsic to the processes within design, as design is a manifestation of life and the human spirit.

Organic Multiplicity is based upon the fundamental truth that humankind is intimately connected to our natural environment. We are organic beings existing within the structures of a finite and closed global ecosystem. Our lives are guided by all of the same patterns found within the synergies and dynamics of the natural environment. We are not elevated or separate beings, removed from the processes or conditions of nature. We are a part of nature. Our lives and the actions in which we undertake are a part of the natural processes of the earth. Therefore, we can look upon natural phenomena and find parallel relationships in human endeavor. The continuum of change, the necessity of diversity, the symbiotic relationships between species, and the cyclical process of life and death are all environmental phenomena that have a meaningful correlation to the practice of design.

To further examine the nature of design, the practice of design can be considered as the premeditated and purposeful activity of humankind to affect positive change in response to our environment. Design represents our attempt to evolve and grow as a species. It is a manifestation of our need for understanding and enlightenment, driven by our will to survive. As such, design is an integral part of the human spirit and an expression of our life force.

Using the processes within nature as a guide to understanding design, Organic Multiplicity strives to culturally unify humanity to the natural environment. By rescinding our traditionally anthropocentric, adversarial, and exploitive relationship to the earth, Organic Multiplicity promotes a more holistic and supportive perspective to human achievement. Human progress needs to be harmonious in its relationship to the earth. In order to secure the longterm viability of our species on this planet, we must focus our energies on finding ways to exist in relative balance with our environment while still progressing and evolving as a species. This is nothing more than pragmatic, common sense.