Design is the process of determining a conceptual "ecosystem" for an endeavor, which promotes the importance of contextual relevancy and subjectivity. In other words, form may follow function, but context changes everything.

A specific definition of Organic Multiplicity is the natural state of things being plentiful and various. In relation to design, this definition refers to the belief that there are a multitude of design theories, styles, and considerations coexisting within the parameters or contextual environment of any given design project. The specific expression of a design project's solution is contingent upon the subjective sensibilities of the individuals involved in the creation process. This orientation towards problem-solving gives rise to existence of many different types of valid solutions for any given design project. In this way, each design solution can be considered as a conceptual ecosystem existing within the contextual environment of that project.

By acknowledging the subjectivity of participants in the solution building process, a specific design solution is seen in its true form, as the end result of personalized analysis and interpretation of a project's contextual relationships. Allowing for a more inclusive understanding of design, Organic Multiplicity brings a sense of cohesiveness and neutral understanding to the multitude of frequently conflicting design theories, all of which fall apart when applied in a universal manner to all endeavors. Intrinsically, some theories are more appropriate than others to the goal of a solution. As a methodology for the practice of design, Organic Multiplicity strives to promote a more objective dialog about theories and thereby create a more open process of generating design solutions. This openness creates a more relevant and less divisive environment in which designers can conceptualize and practice design. Without sacrificing group affiliations or individuality, designers can express themselves in any manner that is appropriate in the creation of a viable and functional solution.