This area of the site defines Organic Multiplicity, and then develops upon this foundation. Basic Definition gives an overview of the theory and methodology, as well as a general statement of opportunities. Indepth Statement presents the principles of Organic Multiplicity and their interrelationships in greater detail and sublty. Subsequent Understandings promotes ideas such as nurturance and growth, inclusion and pluralism, theory without style, and having a sense of place. From there, motivations and benefits behind the theory are given, with an emphasize on the importance of human interaction in the practice of design. Broader Ramifications of creativity and social, economic, and environmental development can then be considered.

The tone of this writing will be straight forward, initially without a lot of overly burdensome terminology or quotes and footnotes. I want to get my ideas out and not get bogged down in academic minutia. But as research and analysis warrant, I intend to edit, annotate, and significantly expand the content. As a forum of investigation and expression, I want the content of this site to grow and evolve.