Please Take Note:
For the first release version (1.001) of this site, the Visuals and Words areas are currently in development and therefore their corresponding buttons,
above, do not have continuing links. However, please be assured that I have every intention of putting up some content in the very near future. This site is in its nascent state.


This of this site allows me to more deeply express the emotive, aesthetic, and intellectual tangental themes of Organic Multiplicity. While initially I will present previously created work, I fully intend to create new content. To be honest, this area is specifically created as a personal creative outlet, free from the expressive constraints of more commercial endeavors; although I will have some past self-promotion examples which I feel are germane.

My current Offerings are a selection of desktops/wallpaper for your enjoyment. In the future, expect additional tasty digital morsels.