Creativity within the design process is usually considered as deriving from the dynamics between a client and a designer. But another significantly influential aspect is the context or environment in which the creative process takes place. This design environment can be understood as consisting of two related areas: the local environment of a design firm or corporate creative department and
the external environment of design organizations and the overall professional community.

The most important part of building and maintaining productivity within a creative group is the establishment of a positive local design environment. This local environment needs to allow for creative and technical growth and a healthy amount of constructive personal expression. Most importantly, a local design environment needs to be supportive, nurturing, and allow for personal evolution and growth.

In regards to the design community at large, it's important that designers interact with one another openly in a collaborative spirit, rather than build walls of ego and circular argument. Differences in perspective allow for alternative solutions. This in turn promotes a broader and deeper process for the analysis and development of a design solution. Simply put, there is a lot we can learn from one another. Even if we don't completely agree with one another, through collective dialog and engagement, our creativity will flourish and grow.