statements relating to
current developments of the site
and their underlying influences

(09-11-03) Recently back from the AIGA conference in Vancouver. Lots of good leads on further investigations and development.

A significant development within the theory is the addition of complexity to the core principles. This additional third concept brings a wealth of new relationships, and has enabled a much more robust expression of the theory.

This is also causing me to rewrite sections of the theory area of the site. Expect some pages to be "in progress" as I roll in the content over the next couple of weeks.

(24-05-03) While busy with a freelance design job at Oracle, I’ve been using my intermittent free time to prepare for the next version release. In the works are some essays, maybe a poem or two, new desktop/wallpaper designs, and a retrospective look at some of my photography and experimental graphic design. In the meantime, I’m tweeking the site’s pages to load faster and fussing with little edits.

One important new development, a friend recently referred me to the French philosopher Edgar Morin, as someone whose ideas would be of interest to me. This is indeed so. My thinking about Organic Multiplicity cannot help but be immensely affected by Morin’s theories and insights, which offer a rich and compelling depth of philosophical investigation. Happily, in many ways, Organic Multiplicity functions as a sort of active form of the intellectual and philosphical constructs Morin establishes.

Recent Launch Statement

(11-03-03) This version of the site is its initial release. It was born on 03-03-03 (d-m-y) and its nascent content launched on 11-03-03.

The Theory area of the site is fairly complete as it stands and more will be added as other considerations come into play. The Expression area is a temporary a placeholder, but does have access to some nifty desktops/wallpaper. Most importantly, the Response area is unavoidably thin until I receive commentary and input from you.