a brief definition of the design theory,
some reasons behind the creation of this site,
and an invitation to get involved

This site is the official global presentation of a design theory and methodology I have been developing called Organic Multiplicity. This theory is based upon understanding natural processes as being integral to design processes and the importance of contextual relevancy and subjectivity in the determination of a design solution. Or, in the literal translation of word grouping, Organic Multiplicity can be understood in very general terms as an appreciation of the natural state of things being manifold and various.

Originally contained within my portfolio site, soshea.com, the theory's presentation seemed too personal for an ideology that promotes inclusiveness and pluralism. To be true to the spirit of Organic Multiplicity, other voices within the creative community must be a part of its dialog and development. This realization was the impetis for the creation of this site.

As an emerging theory, the continuing development of Organic Multiplicity should occur within its own dedicated, native environment, free from other contextual references that could limit or distort its evolution. The importance of having a native and open contextual landscape in which to grow a theory is especially indicated when considering the randomness of public reaction and interaction and the many ways in which content may need to evolve. To a certain degree, this unknown future is a part of the interest and intrigue I have for this site.

This site is also my response to current global geo-political and socio-economic conditions and their relationship to the design professions. As form givers to industry and the engines of commerce, designers play an intimate role in the the development of humankind. It is my hope and belief that this site and the theory contained herein will have value and meaning to all of the occupational activities associated with the word "design" and shall be a catalist for positive change, along with the many other efforts by the world community.

Finally, this site is a personal invitation for you to express yourself in various ways. While I am proud of my contributions, this site and its theory are not for me alone. You're involvement is just as important to the future development of Organic Multiplicity. Your voice, your observations and insights, and your creativity are an important part of the lifeblood of this site. And so, I invite you to express yourself and be a valued part of this site.