a description of how theory affected articulation,
some reasons behind the technology of this site,
and a list of software and resources utilized

The design of this site is, not-surprizingly, influenced by the theory of Organic Multiplicity. In order to understand the contextual relevancy and depth of the content, the linking architecture is open and allows for easy access to tangental horizontal elements within a specific vertical investigation. In order to promote the theory's connection to natural systems, each page contains it's own unique image of nature, just as every specific environment has it's own unique ecosystem. Imagery of human-made objects within a natural environment relates to our own interests within a greater global context. The manipulation of the images refers to subjective nature of our involvement with design.

This site uses straight-forward HTML in order to have rapid developent and enhance its overall accessability. Moreover, I felt that fancy interactivity and animations would distract from the site's core objective of disseminating a design theory.

The site was put together using Macromedia Fireworks and Dreamweaver. The image manipulations were done with Adobe Photoshop from stock photography by Photodisc.